Our weekend news

Today in Puffin Class we have excitedly shared our weekend news. Weve had so much fun sharing this with the rest of our class and wanted to share it with you too.


Carter – I went to the caravan to play.

Freddie – I stayed at home and did some cutting with my mummy.

Ruby – I went to the cinema.

Dylan – I went swimming with my daddy.

Alexia – I went swimming with my mama.

Jacob- I played at my caravan.

Rita – I went to the funfair with mama and Brooke.

Sam – I watched a bonfire at grandad and memar’s house. I stayed inside with my new pjamas on.

Olivia – I played hide and seek with my sister Phoebe.

Chloe – I played with my mummy.

Thomas – I went to Wheelgate Park where there were lots of signs for Halloween.

Annie – My grandma and grandpa came to my house.

Oliver – I went swimming with mummy and daddy.

Skye – I went swimming in the pool.

Aiden – I went swimming with my grown up cousin Jack.

Nevaeh – I went to the fair with Imogen.

Cruz – I stayed at home and played with my dinosaurs.

Jack – I played with my aeroplane.

Zofia – I stayed at home with my mummy and it was raining.

Esther – I went to a dressing up party.

Charlie – I played power rangers at my house with my sister Alex.

Riley – I played with my mum.

Maksymilian – I played games with my sister.

Amelia – I went to the fun fair with mummy and daddy. I played on a tea cup ride. It was very slow.

James – I went swimming with my mummy and daddy.

Harley – I went swimming with my sister Isla.


One thought on “Our weekend news

  1. Mrs Booker

    It sounds like you have all had a very exciting weekend Puffin class. This weekend I went to the cinema and had some popcorn šŸ™‚



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