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  1. Thomas Edmondson

    Magical creature blogging challenge.
    My name is Wizzal , i was found by some wizards in the forest, they found me after they saw a bright light crashing to earth , i now live with one of the wizards at the end of the world , in a cave behind a waterfall, with a truck that is invisible.
    They have a magic apple tree where apples are replaced everytime they eat one .
    My special powers are that i wee rainbows , i can change colours at the blink of an eye, i can jump really high and go invisible ,
    When im sad i change the weather to
    Rainy , when im happy the sun is shining, i am always surrounded by rainbows when i am in a good mood .

    By Thomas


  2. Elsie Parkinson

    It is a great climber. It’s big eyes look cute and it looks fluffy. It has big ears because it has good hearing. It looks like it has messy hands because it has been in the dirt. Its big long tail looks really cuddly. It has horns on its head to do a head stand. It has a little nose and a big smiley mouth.

    Once upon a time there was Millie the Thingy and one night she decided to go and see her friend Foxy. Foxy said “Millie the Thingy do you want to play?” “Of course!” Said Millie the Thingy and Millie the Thingy said “Why don’t we race to Badgers house he had some fun things last time we went.” “Come on let’s race,” said Foxy. The winner was Millie the Thingy, she was the fastest in the night.
    Badger said “Why don’t we play sleep tight night night?” “Good idea!” Said Fox and Millie the Thingy. Who fell to sleep first was Badger, he was very tired after that morning because that he had spent it trying to get to sleep but he just couldn’t. Foxy said “let’s leave Badger alone he has had a very busy day.” “Good idea, ” said Millie the Thingy and off they went.
    Millie the Thingy said “why don’t we play what Badger said?” “Good idea it’s nearly morning,” said Foxy.
    Then they had a nice lovely tea together and then both of them fell to sleep at the same because they were very tired.
    The end.


  3. Rachael Flood

    What a fun group of friends Millie the Thingy, Foxy and Badger sound. I would love to read about their next adventure.



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