Cave Art

Today in Puffin Class we have been exploring how art began by looking at  different types of cave art. We discussed the different types of instruments and materials the cave men might have used, why they painted on cave walls and shared our ideas of what we thought some of the paintings meant. See some of our ideas below:






Elsie – I think they could have used blood to paint the red on the bull.

Nevaeh – They might have used his fingers to paint with.

Cruz – They have drawn lots of bulls.

Riley – They are drawing animals they can see.

Annie – The animals are what the cavemen could see, so we know that there was bulls there.

Aiden – The bull is chasing the horses over the bridge.

Oliver – The animals might be running away from the cavemen.

Alexia – The cavemen want to wat some of the animals.

Imogen – The big one looks like a unicorn.

Jacob – They use different things to colour on the walls because they dont have paint.

Rita – They don’t have any paper so have to do it on the walls.

Freddie – Some people a long time ago in China, it looks like they are writing in Chinese.

Ruby – They put their hands on the picture instead of their names.


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