What makes a good teacher?

During our Literacy session we discussed what we thought makes a good teacher. We decided to create our own list for our classroom.

The adults in Puffin Class promise to;

  • Always be kind and caring
  • Have fun
  • Be smiley and play games
  • Look after us and keep us safe.

How would you describe your perfect teacher?

Making our classroom a happy place

Today we have shared ideas about how to make our classroom a happy place. We thought of ways that we could make each other smile.

1. Always keep our toys tidy.

2. Be kind and use our hands for helping.

3. Play nicely and look after our toys.

4. Always walk inside our classroom and around school.

5. Look after our books and use them sensibly.

6. Good looking, good listening and good sitting.

7. Put your hand up, no shouting out.

8. Put your coat on your peg and your bottle in the tub.

9. Always be nice to eachother.

10. Listen to adults.

What type of things would you do to make your classroom a happy place?


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